Ha! ….no Unfortunately, Project 10 Kids seems to have gone viral and is now popping up on various social media feeds. You may have even seen your friends blasting this nonsense: “I’ve lost 4 lbs in one week! I love my new shakes. PM me for details!!!” weeeeeee! The idea behind this program is to give overweight or obese children 30 ViSalus meal-replacement shakes when a ViSalus distributor or customer loses 10 pounds or gains 10 pounds of muscle. This is a very classic (disgusting, and gag-inducing) MLM charity scam. It’s designed to make people feel good through self-licensing, so … Continue reading

Why you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to work for Isagenix – or any other MLM supplement company.

Another summer has come to an end. And what a glorious break it was! The inspiration for this post was born out of a brief plane ride home from Phoenix last weekend. I was fresh off of a week of amazing food and boatloads of vitamin D; my heart and my belly were full. As we boarded, I deliberately took the dreaded middle airplane seat so that my husband and son could stay busy by the window seat. 🙂 This gave me the opportunity to sit next to my other seat mate, an older woman in her mid-60s. We struck up … Continue reading Why you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to work for Isagenix – or any other MLM supplement company.

Paleo: Where we part ways

It was with a deep breath that I dove into this post. If I’m being honest, even choosing a title for this was something of a challenge. “Where we part ways” hopefully implies that I think there are great aspects of this diet. The emphasis on whole foods and eating close to nature is awesome… and that’s about as far as we go, together. Here’s a brief story about my introduction to this diet: I co-teach an ACE personal training certification class for college students during the summers. Last year, after a class on basic nutrition, I was escorted to … Continue reading Paleo: Where we part ways

Fed Up

Social media has been all atwitter about the new documentary Fed Up with Katie Couric. The name certainly is apropos in that it perfectly sums up how tired I am of this weight debate: totally fed up. Though I speculate that Katie had a different meaning in mind; something more like over-Fed weight-Up. Notice what emotions come up as you watch the Fed Up movie trailer: anxiety? pride? panic? Notice that the trailer is set to the same macabre music as a thriller or horror film. [Sounds of a ticking clock + sounds of soda cans being opened.. images of … Continue reading Fed Up

All About Weight

Let’s talk about weight. One of the most enlightening moments of the Health At Every Size conference in Seattle last June was when we discussed the numerous factors that contribute to one persons weight. I think we’ve all heard that changing your weight is just a matter of calories in calories out. I certainly thought so. But the dieting cycle of loss & gain seemed to be an inevitable outcome and, as an RD, I felt like I’d failed my patients. My patients, on the other hand, felt like they’d failed me. Learning just how much affects weight, and the futility of the dieting cycle, has … Continue reading All About Weight

The Diet Cycle

Shout out! :: This post and all information herein is courtesy of my dear friend and colleague Diane Summers, RD, CD, CEDRD at Hope Nutrition Therapy in Everett, WA. I have had the privilege of working with Diane for a year now, and I am constantly blown away by her understanding & knowledge of nutrition, dieting, and eating disorder recovery. If you, or someone you know is struggling with food or body image, I would highly encourage you to reach out to Diane. She is amazing. We’ve all heard of the ‘obesity epidemic’… but have you ever thought about dieting … Continue reading The Diet Cycle

It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change.

You’ve probably gathered by now that I don’t recommend dieting for long term weight control or health promotion. In fact, a lot of people are hopping on this “don’t diet” bandwagon, even popular diet companies. The word diet is becoming increasingly more synonymous with unhealthy. Mind you, the dieting industry isn’t suffering one bit – still managing to rake in over $61-billion yearly (up from 40-billion just a few years ago). But diets just aren’t very hot sellers, these days – no, diets are so last decade. You want to know what’s really raking in money? Lifestyle changes. You see, the very nature of a diet is … Continue reading It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change.